Provide a list of Ansible Inventory.

These inventories will be parsed, eventually merged with locally defined hosts and host_groups and will allow target Ansible inventory file generation.

Also, most of the parameters may be modified by using host_overrides and host_group_overrides.


Each item of the list has the following attributes:

Name req? Description
file yes The Ansible inventory file path. If this path is not absolute, it will be relative to the HADeploy embedding file location.
vault_password_file no If this inventory host one or several encrypted files, one must provide a password for decryption. One method is to provide this password in a file.
The password must be a string stored as a single line of the file.
If this path is not absolute, it will be relative to the HADeploy embedding file location.
It can also be stored in the home folder of the sshd_user by using the ~/... notation.
In all cases, ensure permissions on the file are such that no one else can access your key and do not add your this file to source control.
ask_vault_password no Boolean. Another method to provide this password is to set this switch on. In this case, the user will be prompted to enter the password on each run.
name no Allow to provide a name to this inventory.
Useful if this list contains several entries which require a password. This name will be inserted in the prompt for the user.
when no Boolean. Allow conditional deployment of this item.
Default True


# This simplest case, with a single inventory
- file: ".../some-ansible-folder/inventory"

# Build our own inventory from two Ansible inventories. And request user password with decorated prompt
- name: "inv1" 
  files: ".../some-ansible-folder/inventory"
  ask_vault_password: yes
- name: "inv2"  
  file: ".../another-ansible-folder/inventory"
  ask_vault_password: yes

Inventory merging

If a host with same name is defined both in hosts and in an Ansible inventory, the one from the hosts list will take precedence. This is same for the host_groups.

Note also a host_groups can refer to a host in Ansible inventory.