Provide a list of Yarn services to manage

This is a reference part. Refer to the associated overview for a more synthetical view.


Each item of the list has the following attribute:

Name req? Description
name yes Name of the service. This should match the name of the batch job.
launching_cmd yes The command to launch this service. Typically call a script hosting a spark-submit or a yarn jar command.
launching_dir no Will cd in this folder before launching 'launching_cmd' Must be an absolute path.
Default: ~
killing_cmd no The command to kill this service. If not provided, the service will be killed using the Resource Manager REST API. See Overview/Service shutdown
timeout_secs no Timeout before raising an error value when waiting a target state.
Default: Value set by yarn_relay:default_timeout_secs
when no Boolean. Allow conditional deployment of this item.
Default True


- name: datastep
  launching_cmd: ./launcher.sh
  launching_dir: ${basedir}

The launching script

Here is some requirement about the launching script.