Provide a list of HBase namespaces required by the application. They will be created (or destroyed) by HADeploy, except if managed flag is set to no.


Each item of the list has the following attributes:

Name req? Description
name yes The name of the HBase namespace.
no_remove no Boolean: Prevent this namespace to be removed when HADeploy will be used in REMOVE mode.
Default: no
managed no If no, this namespace is not handled by HADeploy. It will not be created nor deleted. But HADeploy can create and delete tables in this namespace.
Default: yes
ranger_policy no Definition of Apache Ranger policy bound to this namespace. Parameters are same as hbase_ranger_policy except than tables, columns_families and columns should not be defined. The policy will apply on all column families and all columns of all tables in this namespace.
The policy name can be explicitly defined. Otherwise, a name will be generated as "_<namespace>_".
See example below for more information
when no Boolean. Allow conditional deployment of this item.
Default True


- name: broadns

If you want to use the 'default' namespace for some of your table, you may declare it.

- name: broadns

- name: default
  no_remove: True
  managed: no

In this case, you need to set no_remove: True, as the default namespace can't of course be removed. Otherwise, an error will be generated. And, of course managed: False.

Note this is optional, as HADeploy internally create such definition in this case (Only for the default namespace)

An example with a bound Apache Ranger policy:

- name: broadns
    - groups:
      - users
      - read
    - groups:
      - hbadmin
      - read
      - write
      - create
      - admin