Altering scope

Sometime, it may be useful to execute only parts of a full deployment. May be you have only a small modification to propagate, and we want cut off execution time. Or may be some part are not relevant for your current context.

HADeploy provide a mechanism to scope the deployment (or removal) process to only some part, thus achieving partial execution.

This mechanisme is driven by:

Scopes list

The valid scope values are:

Name Description
all All scopes.
none Nothing (Empty execution).
files Files, Folders and Trees on the nodes.
hdfs Files, Folders and Tree on HDFS.
hbase All HBase releted operations (Including Datasets).
kafka All Kafka related operations.
hive All Hive related operations.
ansible All ansible plugin related operation
ranger All Ranger related operations.

Plus all the values provided as 'scope' attribute for the files, folders and trees entries.

As Command line parameters

A stated above, the included_scopes list can also be provided on the command line:

hadeploy --src app.yml --src infra.yml --scope files --scope kafka,hbase --action DEPLOY

Note there is two methods to provide multiple scopes: Entering --scopeseveral times, or provide a comma separated list of value (But without spaces).

And to add to the excluded_scopes list, there is the --noScope parameter, with the same logic:

hadeploy --src app.yml --src infra.yml --noScope ranger --noScope hive,hbase --action DEPLOY