Provide a list of Linux local groups required by the application


Each item of the list has the following attributes:

Name req? Description
name yes The group name
system no Is this a System group.
Default: no
managed no Boolean: Does HADeploy manage this group? If not, no action will be performed on it, but a failure will the triggered if it does not exists.
Default: yes
scope no On which host does this group will be created? May be:
  • A single host name
  • A single host_group name
  • Several hosts or host_groups, separated by the character ':'
Default: all
no_remove no Boolean: Prevent this group to be removed when HADeploy will be used in REMOVE mode.
Default: no
when no Boolean. Allow conditional deployment of this item.
Default True
## Example

# A simple local group, created on all hosts.
- name: broadgroup

# A system group, created on host 'node1' and on all hosts belonging to the host_group 'hgrp1'.
# Will never be removed by HADeploy
- name: broadsystem
  system: yes
  managed: yes
  scope: node1:hgrp1
  no_remove: yes